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2018 Goal: Me-Made-By-May

Well, I find the term 'me-made' for a garment you've sewn for yourself kind of ... not me. It's a bit twee, which doesn't really suit me. But!  'Me-Made-May' is an event where people who sew their own clothes WEAR them, and document wearing them on their blogs/instagrams accounts. I love seeing what everyone is making to wear in their actual lives (i.e. not party dresses) and I swore I'd be ready to take part this year.
Well! Here we go.

Me-Made-By-May 2018

Jan: Shirtmaking: (I have Pam Howard's Craftsy class, which I'm finding helpful though I do watch it at 1.5 speed. Is she a slow talker or am I super impatient? Both!)
Skills I need to master: slowing down and reading all the stuff through. Sewing every day.
Patterns: Cashmerette Harrison, Itch to Stich Bonn. I've muslined the Bonn and it's gorgeous but I need to shorten it above and below the bust, and pull in the neck (high round back? hollow chest? Both?)
Feb: Jackets: Not tailoring! B…