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When the plague hits...

Oh, it's been so miserable being too ill to sew!
I'm fortunate that I'm generally pretty healthy, despite having two primary-age children AND being a teacher myself, but this virus has knocked me for six. I haven't sewn in 4 days - the first 4 days this year I haven't sewn anything - and I miss it, but in the evenings I've just crawled into bed.
I'm so close to finishing my Harrison now; just need to topstitch the collar stand, add cuffs, buttonholes, and hem.
My initial thoughts are: I don't need this much bust space after all. I've got the space hitting the right point, but there's extra at the side (where the second line of the princess seam panel hits the side) that I just don't need. My bust is more.. forward than wide?  Sort of?
I think it's part of how narrow my back and shoulders are. There's not a lot of around. Not a lot of side. . .
I will get pictures soon.
Given that I want this to be wearable; I think I can sort the…

-16c, with a windchill of -18c...

Well, I've muslined (made a test garment in cheap fabric similar to my fashion fabric) the Cashmerette Harrison's front, back yoke, and back pieces, and it's looking promising. With the double princess seams I'm concerned about getting the bust fit right where I need the space, especially as I generally have to shorten and narrow all patterns, but Cashmerette in particular.
My sewing space is a tiny laundry room next to the garage. I don't get freezing in there, as it's next to the boiler/main heater, and I have a little plug-in-space-heater, but MY GOODNESS it's not tempting to 'quickly slip' in and out of 4 layers of clothing (thermal underwear up to the down vest) to check the fit!
I finished binding a quilt for my son instead. Snuggly wins over my sewing goals for today. Now I'm going to get under a blanket and wish it was even 10C warmer...

Shirt Making January: day 1

It's happening! Shirt making!
It's completely Baltic tonight in my garage-adjacent sewing area, but it's -12c outside. BUT I have hot tea, and I've taped and cut the Harrison shirt pattern. Tomorrow night I'll adjust it (narrow shoulders, shorten torso, maybe a small high round back adjustment) and cut it out in muslin. Thursday is a social night so I won't get any sewing time, but I'm hoping to have a muslin I've fit to my bodice by Friday night. I want to be cutting fashion-fabric (even though it won't be precious stuff) by the weekend!
Incidentally, I can't get my phone to upload pictures to blogger, but my instagram is mkgstitch and it's where all the pictures of today's fun quilt crafternoon AND pattern taping are.

I love wearing buttondowns in the winter because I love wearing wool (I get cold!), but I want proper sleeves and a proper collar between me and the wool; preferably in a snug flannel. In fact, I like wearing woven shirts…