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Summer Sewing: Where I'm starting

I browsed StyleArc for a couple of days, looking for some things I'm likely to wear this summer while teaching summer school and puttering around my 2-small-kids-and-the-park kind of life.
I'd initially dismissed StyleArc because
(1) I want paper patterns and I was worried about paying for them to be shipped from Australia
(2) On first glance I saw a lot of knit patterns and - while I WEAR a lot of knits, I'm nervous about sewing them as a beginner,  and I wear more wovens in the summer as I find them cooler.
(3) People have commented that StyleArc have minimal instructions, and as a beginner I want plenty of hand-holding (apparently I will find tutorials on their website to help me as I go).

Nonetheless, when I looked carefully at the site I saw real potential in the designs - not twee (I like bright colours, but I'm not especially into twee/retro) and very wearable, like things I already actually own and wear.  Also, although they have pretty dresses, whoever designs for StyleArc seems to recognize that what most women wear are separates. I am extremely susceptible to a nice frock in a picture, but I wear separates to work at least as much as dresses, even in summer.

In the end I purchased the Lisa skirt, the Suzie's Sister Top, and the Mary-Ann skirt.  I'm also getting the Faith top as this month's freebie (which is pretty cool) and I think I'll make up the no-pintucks version for a flowy shirt. I've got lots of lawn I want to sew with. I love lawn blouses.
I can see myself getting into the Robin top and the Maddie Tunic, too. So if these 4 patterns work out, I can imagine StyleArc getting a fair bit of my cash in the future. I'm worried about these patterns not having much in the way of instructions. Did I mention that? I am WORRIED.

Not-StyleArc purchases I have made:
I sucked it up and looked at BurdaStyle plus patterns. Not ALL of them are hideous sacks (quite a lot are, though). However I found some nice-looking things that I can see myself making in lots of different ways. Because I wanted 3-4 of the patterns in it, I bought and downloaded the Plus Size Essential Bundle and will be making the bow blouse and the V neck dress (not the faux-wrap, though I might well make that later) this summer, I'd imagine. The pants... I like the idea of, but I'm not brave enough to do at the moment. Also, I have enough shorts and capris to see me through the summer. It's this other stuff I need a bit more of. So, counting what I think I'll actually make from this bundle early on, that's another 2. We're on to 6 patterns so far...

Thinking about sundresses. I also bought the paper pattern of this nice V-neck dress which I probably won't make as a maxi dress ( I always look like I'm in my mum's nightie), but would wear quite a lot of at around knee length. I was suckered in by the V, the wide straps, the reasonable looking yardage and the nice shape.  It's also supposed to be 'easy' which should be handy since, again, the Burdastyle stuff apparently has almost no instructions. Where's the beginner stuff for fat people? SERIOUSLY! So now I have patterns.

Finally, because I am not made of stone and because blogger MrsHughes of the CSC looks  so damned cute in hers, I bought the Decades Everyday "E.S.P Dress".
I know - that's quite a lot of dresses for someone who just said she wants to make separates... But I like wearing them in the summer, and if skirts are easiest to make (generally) it's also true that dresses aren't much harder than shirts - and some (like the ESP) look considerably easier.  On the other hand, I will have to grade up the ESP (a bit),  so it might end up on the backburner for a while.  Still, that's 8 patterns I want to make myself. Oh! Already in my stash is the Cake "riff" tee that you can download for free (to practice Knit sewing and because I need a few new tees) and the Colette Moneta. That makes, uhm, 10 patterns. Is that right? God, this is a massive list. I think I'll be able to keep myself busy for a while. I'm really looking forward to it!


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