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2018 Goal: Me-Made-By-May

Well, I find the term 'me-made' for a garment you've sewn for yourself kind of ... not me. It's a bit twee, which doesn't really suit me. But!  'Me-Made-May' is an event where people who sew their own clothes WEAR them, and document wearing them on their blogs/instagrams accounts. I love seeing what everyone is making to wear in their actual lives (i.e. not party dresses) and I swore I'd be ready to take part this year.
Well! Here we go.

Me-Made-By-May 2018

Jan: Shirtmaking: (I have Pam Howard's Craftsy class, which I'm finding helpful though I do watch it at 1.5 speed. Is she a slow talker or am I super impatient? Both!)
Skills I need to master: slowing down and reading all the stuff through. Sewing every day.
Patterns: Cashmerette Harrison, Itch to Stich Bonn. I've muslined the Bonn and it's gorgeous but I need to shorten it above and below the bust, and pull in the neck (high round back? hollow chest? Both?)

Feb: Jackets: Not tailoring! But something I can pull on as an alternative to my many fiiine cardigans. 
Patterns: Decades of style Three's-a-Charm in wool. And possibly stretch twill. Depends on how it works out; I'm not sure cropped is what I want but it's so cute.
Hotpatterns Chimera, in ponte. I'm fairly sure I'll wear the heck out of this one at work. I've worn RTW ones like this that are so gorgeous, but have my standard problems (shoulders too wide, neckline too wide, too long in torso).
Patterns: Itch to Stitch North Point Trousers, in black ponte and the stretch woven grey pinstripe:
Itch to Stitch Liana Jeans in red stretch twill and stretch denim
Jalie Elenores for weekends.

April: Dresses! Shirtdresses, I've got some old Lisette-for-Simplicity shirtwaist dresses deeeep in the stash I'd love ot make, the Itch-to-Stitch Chai, and if I get a good fit with the Harrison then I might splash out on the Lennox. It depends on whether the easy Cashmerette Bust fitting (so good for me)  is worth dealing with the Cashmerette wide shoulder (terrible for me).
I'd like a couple more Cashmerette Turners, which I have fitted well for myself and fine very easy to wear. And I'd like to make up the Rivemont too, once my weight stabilizes.
May: Probably more tops.  I'm not sure how far I'll get into sewing during May. We move in June and I know I'll be (sob) selling my sewing machines and selling / donating my stash  of fabric and patterns in May and June. But if I'm still sewing in June, I'll be sewing more things to wear in the British Summer (Jalie Elenores, ponte/ other knit cardigans (I've got a nice style arc pattern that would work..)


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